Louis Thomas

Student in computer science

About me

Since I was a child, I have always liked computer science and early on I started creating software such as games or software to tweak microsoft windows.

After discovering this passion, I turned to the development of websites and google script. In addition to loving programming, I have also a lot of interest in design.

I am currently working at Decathlon in the north of France being responsible for the support of training applications.

My last projects


Website for a stonecutter using Laravel 5.7, Datastore, Travis CI, hosted on App Engine and an admin panel managed through the Google Drive API and VueJS.


Carnet de suivi DII

Google Sheets module to facilitate the management and generation of the Polytech Tours DII training book.


Résolution du problème d'affectation

Google script to solve the assignment problem. Following the wishes of the students, using the GLPK solver each paired student will be assigned to a project.

(Engineer school)