Website for a stonecutter using Laravel 5.7, Datastore, Travis CI, hosted on App Engine and an admin panel managed through the Google Drive API and VueJS.


Carnet de suivi DII

Google Sheets module to facilitate the management and generation of the Polytech Tours DII training book.


Résolution du problème d'affectation

Google script to solve the assignment problem. Following the wishes of the students, using the GLPK solver each student/paired will be assigned to a project.

(Engineer school)


Development of a Mario game in C++ using the SFML graphic library.


Hacking Roomba

Through an xBee module and an application in VB.net. The goal of this project was to understand how the roomba works and to be able to control it from a distance.

(High school)

Card reader named "Ou'étu"

A card reader for scanning lost student cards, automatically notifies the owner by email.